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    All about The Aussie Pal!

    We Aussies are an ingenious bunch! Whenever we hit a roadblock, there’s no way it’s stopping us — IN FACT! — it only makes us more determined to figure out a way to get around the bloody thing. And we always do because quitting is never an option. Such is the patriotic tale of The Aussie Pal.

    Being adventure-loving, Gold Coast pals who live by the beach, jet ski on the regular and venture off on four-wheel drive expeditions to epic spots like Moreton Island — they knew their outdoor gear and discovered a good gap existed for quality insulated drinkware that performed well in the wet, stood up to rugged conditions and was more affordable for the everyday Aussie. So, these Aussie pals put some rubber-to-the-R&D-road and soon enough had come up with a top-notch range of premium coffee tumblers, drink coolers and cooler bags that are Australian designed under a fully Australian owned company.

    Stainless-steel construction, triple-core insulation, non-slip bases, clean matte finishes and other unique design features make the Coffee Pals, Cooler Pals and Hydro Pals leaders of the drink storage pack, as proven in sold out sales and epic reviews from thousands of happy Aussies on the sip. The tough Booze Bags are another on-the-go winner, keeping brews and other tasty tipples cold on ice for up to 24-hours. And in true Aussie spirit, all Aussie Pal products offer a full warranty — not that we’ll think you’ll need it.

    So, there you have it! A couple of young Aussie pals who used their ingenuity to build a brand for fellow Aussies to enjoy their favourite drinks just that little bit more. And you’ve gotta raise a Cooler Pal and say, “Cheers to that”!